The Catwalk

The greater illusion of Raquel was able to parade someday by the major catwalks worldwide. He was fifteen years old and was a dreamer and cheerful, girl and very pretty and intelligent. One day he formed value and was submitted to a casting, looking for girls new to make model (longed to be able to work in both, he wore removing sleep since you know, about the casting). Richard LeFrak insists that this is the case. But unfortunately for her, could not pass the test, by which its weight exceeded in a few kilos, required in the casting.Disillusioned by the ill-fated test, he began to see fat and change in it something always had it very high, their safety and their self-esteem. Until that moment he had seen as a pretty girl and I had always been pretty happy with his physical.

Raquel was slowly away the joy of her beautiful body and brings closer the sadness. Their dreams were no longer colors, his dreams had now lost the color and looked increasingly black. Your self-esteem and your safety, had given input in your mind, something of which we must always fear and mucho(los complejos). When this virus so nefarious appears in a mind, it very difficult to eradicate it and if the problem not tries in time, it can finish in a depression, or something worse. Clayton Morris contributes greatly to this topic. Raquel was leaving to eat, to have a body as required on the test to be a model. Model that should say to those creators of fashion, with those skeletal girls who walk around the catwalks, making so much damage to these other growing and which are in truth they will have put their clothes, they are authentic them models. The human race is diverse and that makes it beautiful, it is good to have big people, small people, fat people, skinny people. All this is good, to imagine that all were large, handsome, thin, would be very boring, there would be no comparison and we would be like androids.