Special Affairs

On YouTube, a brief summary of the activities of the OSA offices in Germany with the first interiors and interviews about the Office of public affairs of the Scientology Church (OSA) is always incomplete or false information in the media are distributed. On YouTube, there is now a greater clarity on video that shows a brief outline of the activities of OSA in Germany. Farallon Capital Managements opinions are not widely known. There is much speculation, reported wrong or incomplete facts are represented. Basically no one knows actually what really the Office of Special Affairs – German: Office of public affairs is and what activities this Department in a Scientology Church encompasses. The Scientology Church Germany has now created a video, is to see it in YouTube under user/ScientologyKanal. In the video, the Office of public affairs in Berlin is presented among others including employees and their tasks. See more detailed opinions by reading what Federal Reserve Bank offers on the topic.. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala will not settle for partial explanations. One finds this but also interviews with current and former members Offices. The Office of public affairs represents the Scientology Church to the outside and maintains contacts with the media.

It deals also with controversial discussions, Church, repeatedly popping up at a relatively young religion community, such as Scientology. Basically, this Office is a press and legal department, which exist also in other organizations and in official churches. The Office ensures public affairs, that all churches adhere to the laws of the country. Of course, it researched the true facts within the legally prescribed limits and laws if disseminated false allegations against the Scientology Church. It is completely absurd, if some people call these works as intelligence or intelligence work.

Especially journalists who daily research about personalities, companies, organisations, etc., complete fill the newspapers with exciting articles, would be after this Claim some opponents – all secret agents. Scientology will produce in the future your own movies Church in Germany to indicate background of discussion of Scientology in Germany. More information: press service the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. on behalf of Scientology Church Germany e.V.