Seasonal Skin Care

Spring – a time when the air can feel the joy, the aroma of blossoming buds and fresh breeze. And the opportunity to enter into spring with a sense of lightness, freshness and well-groomed – the best that can afford a woman. Long cold winter has depleted our strength. We are tired of cold, cloudy day a short, heavy clothing. Our skin is too tired during the winter – from overdried indoor air, strong winds and cold on the street, lack of vitamins.

And the main purpose of the spring – to restore the natural balance of the skin, which could be disrupted during the winter to replenish its natural "storeroom vitamins. The Related Companies may find this interesting as well. This will help us a traditional spring conversion skin. 1 Vitamins are essential for the skin permanently, but in particular, in early spring. But do not take drastic measures and "overfeed" the skin with vitamins – it should be done gradually, allowing both the skin and whole body adopt the proposal. Use Combination Therapy: Take your vitamins into the skin and eat them outside. This system helps you to "Ideal" from mary kay, which contains the optimum amounts of vitamins and enzymes. Recent developments have allowed to create the best way to store and deliver them accurately on the appointment: 'Daily Decision' with spf for this purpose, liposomes, and at night the decision – the special microcapsules containing large amounts of vitamins. Additional hydration, nutrition with vitamins and minerals your skin will give Nonfat moisturizing gel and intensive moisturizer.