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Sandwich panels – is large-size structure in the form of sandwich elements in which the heat insulating layer is made of modern, highly insulating materials: mineral wool based on basalt fiber, or self-extinguishing polystyrene grades. Panel sandwich – a wonderful building material used for construction of various buildings. There are two main types of such panel – wall and roof. Wall sandwich panels are used as the name implies, for the construction of the walls. Possess a smooth surface with shallow edges. Perfectly fit together with each other.

The walls are constructed of sandwich structures, have an attractive appearance and do not require additional finishing. Wide range of colors allows you to build a beautiful building. Roof sandwich panels used for the erection of the roof buildings. In contrast to the wall, roof panels have high edges that give effect to drain and increased rigidity. Joint design of roof panels provides a full moisture resistance. The surface of the panels does not require further treatment. Rigid liner is made of durable galvanized steel sheets (thickness 0,5-0,7 mm) with double-sided polymer coating – polyester having high abrasion and weather resistance. To protect the decorative cover panels during shipping and installation works, they are covered with protective film, which is easily removed during or after installation structures.

Instead of galvanized steel sheets for cladding can be used by other material such as plastic, wood, pvc, drywall and other similar materials. For the steel panels most often as use mineral wool insulation. A plastic or drywall – polystyrene, which is also in no way inferior to its thermal insulation properties. These sandwich components are used in the decoration indoors or in As warming. Sandwich panels are widely used in industrial and civil construction through a variety of high performance and aesthetic qualities. The advantages of using these panels: the possibility of Walling construction sites with virtually no restrictions; significant reduction in total costs for capital construction and operation of buildings; Attractive appearance of buildings erected with the use of sandwich panels. Sandwich panels most in demand in the construction of prefabricated buildings of metal, when the steel erection for a variety of technologies to further veneer sandwich panels can be achieved along with the shortest possible time, high quality and original design of the object. The versatile mobile homes, which are constructed the use of sandwich panels. Mobile home after the assembly is also easy to disassemble the element by element, or replace the necessary parts. Mobile homes – is garages, cabins, carriage houses, temporary shelters for construction workers and other similar facilities. Go to the mobile buildings are also easy to transport and installation of block-module boiler, one advantage of which is a small price. Modular boilers are supplied fully factory ready for connection and operation.