Safety Precautions When Using Fireworks

Safety precautions when using petard. pyrotechnic industry produces fireworks and a bunch of firecrackers, which produce from one to a hundred shots in a row. They quickly became popular, despite the the fact that their whole effect is a loud bang. Firecrackers are distinguished by the amount of cotton, volume, size (size) and by the presence of additional effects. Additional effects may be – buzzing, whistling, scattering sparks, sparks and smoke. Classic firecracker has a wick for burning, modern – scratch wire head and set on fire, like a normal match, the movement of the grating head boxes.

Ignition fuse before the explosion firecrackers goes from about 3 to 10 seconds, this time enough for that person would have time to drop it or move to a safe distance. Blast radius allowed in the free sale of firecrackers is a few centimeters. If we talk about a man that does not respect the safety instructions can cause damage to hands and fingers. Therefore, strictly forbidden to keep burning firecrackers in their hands and throw them away after arson people or animals. Fireworks are pretty safe product, if you observe certain rules of safety when using them. – Do not carry fireworks in your pockets and loose without packaging. – Do not disassemble fireworks. – With firecrackers grating not hold his head in his hands.

– After arson throw away about 5 meters. – Wick firecrackers put (put) in the snow (land), and after a quick burning need to quickly retreat to a distance of 5-6 meters. – Do not buy firecrackers from the hands, would be correct to apply store fireworks in Moscow and buy fireworks fireworks there. Also, there can be purchased wholesale fireworks. – Carefully read the instructions before starting. – Do not let children run by firecrackers. -Do not run the firecrackers in the flats near the houses, yards wells. – If the fuse blows, but the fireworks did not work, you should wait at least 2-3 minutes. Just do not forget about the distance. – Not more than 0,5 meters. For this type include firecrackers, tabletop fountains, sparklers. – 5 feet – ground fireworks, firecrackers. – 20 meters – the festival lights, fireworks. – More than 20 meters – the product belongs to a class of professional fireworks. Therefore, if you want to arrange a show with fireworks, make sure that viewers are at a safe distance, but not near flammable objects. Check the condition of the fireworks (if there are defects detached type of wick or stuffing firecrackers sleep, then use a petard is very dangerous), the victim may not only you, but standing next to people. If you want to work with pirofontanami (poi pyro, pyro-stuff, pyro-fan, etc.), then in order to protect the eyes and head wear glasses cost and bandanna. Fireworks can be used effectively on any grounds other than those that are next to the overpass, a high-voltage lines transmission, highways, childcare facilities, hospitals, cultural and historic monuments, national parks. Sell and store fireworks should only be in original packaging. Do not use products with Expired godnosti.Pomeschenie for storing fireworks must be dry, the temperature does not exceed 30C. Dispose of fireworks by placing them in water for several days. Then you can throw them in the garbage.