Residential Property Market

According to expert estimates, based on the current crisis in the Russian real estate market are not so much financial and economic as psychological conditions. Buyers are waiting for housing prices fall, sales also waiting for customers tired of waiting for this fall. Of course, the causes of the current state of residential real estate market can be considered and the global financial crisis and the credit policies of banks and oil prices, etc. and so on. Yet at its core the most Russian real estate market depends on the prevailing opposition to buyers and sellers. Some people waiting for something, others are waiting.

Against this background, the mass of official statements People gossip and general discussions. For example, the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said this spring that the state will buy in areas housing high degree of readiness at a price not exceeding thirty thousand rubles per square meter. In his opinion, should focus on the cost of manufactured housing for the economy class, which is currently a fair price for residential real estate market. Regional authorities immediately responded and officially announced a fixed price for new housing in the designated range, 31-32 rubles per meter. But what these figures, if we're talking about a market economy. Unless we are talking about the abolition of the principles adopted, the then it is logical to assume the abolition of the market around. Anyway, this will mean that the state once again undertakes the construction of housing and self-declared on a fixed price to sell to citizens coveted apartments.