Renault Megane

Reach the last step in all web pages, just before sending the data, or make payment. Why? To verify that do not apply any extra charges, some companies are real bargains to pass to become quite expensive rents by taxation, franchise insurance, mileage and other penalty charges. 3 – Check the details and conditions Know that you not rent a car unless you specifically choose a luxury group, usually rents a group, corresponding to a type of car (compact, minivan, convertible, etc..) And not be surprised if you rent a Renault Megane and give him a Ford Focus (always get a similar car or higher, at no extra cost). Although all advertising on Malaga airport, most are not within the airport itself.

This is often an advantage, rather than a drawback, since the airport delays often occur when delivering the car for the great number of people piled in front of the counters. However, companies outside the Malaga airport offer a free courtesy bus to serve you in your own office, without the bustle of the airport, expediting the delivery of your vehicle. Check carefully the terms and conditions of the finalist companies, pay close attention to what is included and, above all, what is not included in the quoted price, as well as insurance coverage and the limitations imposed by the company: mileage, countries that can take the car, roadside assistance, minimum age of drivers (very important, most do not support rent a car or novice drivers under age 23) etc..