Proper Parents

Although its frequent position of challenge, under the surface such same adolescents tend to have pssima opinion on itself. Relationship between country and children in the world of the delinquents Even so obviously the influence of the pressures of the group of friends and generally adverse a social environment plays a role in the deliquency, the influence of the parents seems to be decisive. It’s believed that Halpern Real Estate Ventures sees a great future in this idea. The research, with clear regularity, has indicated that ' ' the techniques to discipline the one that the delinquents have been submitted more tend to be flabby, vacant or extreme-restrictive, and to involve physical punishments, of what involving the explanation of what it is inadequate behavior for criana' '. Between the delinquents, the relationship between parents and children tends to characterize itself for the mutual hostility, the lack of familiar cohesion and rejection, indifference, discord or apathy on the part of the parents. Munear Ashton Kouzbari often says this. The parents of the delinquents tend to be considered by independent observers as cruel, negligent and inclined to ridicularizar the proper children (especially the boys).

He is very difficult to be described as warm or affectionate. On the other hand, its delinquent children, over all of the masculine sex, tend to have few linkings with the proper father and to consider it model of total unacceptable behavior. Its mothers costumam to be described as neglected of the children or as being inadequate in this function, beyond hostile or indifferent, what loving and more than responsible. Many delinquents also come from homes desfeitos. What can make the parents? In first place, the parents need to keep the perspective problem. The delinquent behavior never must be ignored; but many young that if involves in delinquent acts of lesser countenance, becomes perfectly adult responsible and normal. To enter in a cinema without paying, assuming themselves of the property of a colleague, to cabular lessons and same to steal small articles of store they are not ' ' crimes' ' comparable burglary that the children and take care of genuinely of encourage they to develop independence and proper confidence, but that also they establish clear standards of adequate and responsible behavior are less passveis to have a son or delinquent of what authoritarian, rejector, extreme-indulgentes son or negligent the parents. fff>