Power Plant Manufacturer

The micro block heat and power plant manufacturer (Micro-CHP) concerned offers nationwide a relief in the amount of 250,00 euro bar life for flood victims. Bar life. 26.06.2013. In many areas of southern and Eastern Germany the flood caused immense damage and the cleanup have already begun. Until now, the full extent of the damage is visible.

So, for many households and businesses again can normality, an emergency action for flood sufferers in life called successful. If the heating in the flooded cellar has been damaged and needs to be replaced, intelli helps replacement of old heating system against an electricity-generating heating with a voucher of 250 euros. In addition provides successful as service also download important funding application form and forwards requests to soft loans or subsidies promptly to the contact person of the respective organizations. The emergency action applies nationwide for those affected by the floods Regions. The voucher can be downloaded on the intelli homepage or at the competent trade partner. The completely filled-in voucher must then be submitted to a successful certified trade partners. Documents for the flood damage are not required.

The emergency aid is for any order placed on the original invoice by the specialist partner charged with an intelli power home station now credited to the 31.07.2013 and very unbureaucratic. The partner company ETS GmbH in Magdeburg supports intelli emergency action in addition with a credit value of 250,00 euro. Addressed requests directly to the ETS GmbH on the following phone number: 0391-81959220. More information the intelli emergency action to get under or call 039203 958 400. The company: The engineering company concerned in Barleben, near Magdeburg developed and engineered components and systems for companies in the areas of mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing for 20 years. Started in September 2005 concerned with the development of a small Micro-CHP. 2012 successful first opened the doors of their own production for the series production of the intelligent home power plant. Since then, the CHP in series is manufactured and delivered to customers. In addition to the classic distribution of certified trade partners, good partner for the distribution in the contracting sees successful especially in municipal and local energy utilities. Contact: intelli GmbH Susann Maring