Cannot replace lost love, there are points of friction rings, however, already in many respects. But some see such challenges are not grown and go in the quarries. The main reason for this is miscommunication. Very quickly you’re talking past each other and potentially misunderstood. The communication barrier is greater when emotions are involved. The risk to experience an emotional loss can be frightening. Human behavior is influenced by fear known.

However, there are also positive effects that can be used by emotional support of the partners. Couples who develop synergies, adjust even their behaviour after a wedding. That is the daily routine is changed, the distribution of roles is more clearly defined. This strange effect can be observed on average often; The majority of wives would call her husband as lazy, which widerherum encounters strong resistance among many men. Not much has changed from the own perspective and will stamped this easily as selective perception. Because Cook separately side by side for example at the same time would make little sense. As a result, partnerships offer many benefits, not only in emotional terms.

The traditional way to consolidate a partnership, is the marriage. The growing connection is symbolized with wedding rings. Wedding rings made of gold are the most popular variation. Gold is generally considered valuable and is therefore gladly worn as jewelry. This underlines the symbolism because gold prices are rising continuously and consequently the value so represented is increasing. The versatility of use offer also a sufficient alternative benefit. In the unfortunate event of a separation, the wedding rings serve as a reminder. Because they represent not only emotional but also economic value, you could benefit in any case. Partner rings or similar jewellery made of precious metals, offers also a stable value if the symbolism will lose their raison d ‘ etre. Even wedding rings engraved on the secondary market have an attractive Purchase price. This is Feingold share certainly decisive for it, how lucrative sale is again will make. So it pays off sooner or later, if you’re investing in the right place. When not wearing the wedding ring is quickly angered by the wife or the husband. This can be interpreted, in circumstances as an indicator of infidelity. Another proof how much our think this symbolism and behavior can influence. Finally, ensure conditions in an ideal relationship for that time can be used as positive. Yet external influences seem so strong the simple communication due to the high number of misunderstandings is not sufficient to maintain sustainable relationships.