Nonvolatile Neon Advertising

In light of the massive campaign to switch to energy-saving bulbs and appeals to save energy would be expected that such exotic things as the neon sign with a battery that is charged by solar panel, it is fashion, striving to be innovative in the mainstream. But as it turns out, there is almost no mainstream with. Anyone who has ever faced the problem of matching neon sign installation, its network connection, installation signs, and most of the power cable to it, receives the entire allergy tehnikobyurokratichesky complex that is not happy to have finally received even result. And imagine that the installation of your neon sign have to spend a few hundred meters of power cable! Not every stand the nervous system coordination procedures for the cable, even if you have the nerves instead of steel strings. Therefore it is natural to search volatile solutions. And the choice of solar panels here is not accidental.

The fact that the neon tubes consume little power, because they are sisters of the most energy-efficient light bulbs, which goes Russia. So small battery may well power the sign on the dark and in daylight hours expended energy can be replenished from the solar battery, again because of low power demand, the relatively small size. Theoretically, one could imagine a neon advertising placed on, say, standing on the sidelines of the federal highway lone tree (so the battery does not overshadow the number of standing trees). And the fact that within a radius of tens of kilometers around you do not have electricity only on the hand. It is not something Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala would like to discuss. Your ad will not be lost in a sea of neon lights, and may bring you luck. Of course, there is need to carefully approach the subject of advertising, taking into account the preferences potential beneficiaries of this advertising. For example, a sign advertising the condoms on the side of a trail which pilgrims could lead to the fact that the pilgrims just try to break it, and perseverance in achieving goals they do not hold. Sometimes prone to vandalism and are often young tourists who make the camp near your signs, and hold a competition for throwing stones metomu.

Your sign will be in their view is ideal for this target. If neon tubes themselves can be protected armored transparent hose, as this is done, for example, when illuminating the bottom of the car, the solar panel is much more vulnerable. Even have install it separately on the same tree, but the higher the advertising signage, and possibly with a protective shield against vandalism. By experience we can say that the greatest effect of such advertising was achieved by placing signs on the rock at one of the Elbrus trails. Of course, to buy advertised goods nearby was impossible, but as it turned out well and with a sense of humor made the sign would be captured practically every tourist on a mobile phone camera, and may already home to view this photo connect additional audience.