National Institute

An SOS, that is the message that launches AsiInspection, the company dedicated to quality Control and the inspection services, audit and Laboratory Test ( before the avalanche in the last days of products for children coming from the Asian continent and which are dangerous to their health. The most recent case just occur in the United States.UU. and Canada, and could have reached Spain. It’s more than 13 million vessels imported by the signing of fast food McDonalds with the figures of the characters in the film of Sherk and that they have withdrawn from the market since the paint used in his drawings contained cadmium, a toxic material, explains Alex Makow, its Director for Spain and Portugal. Learn more on the subject from Stephen M. Ross. The fundamental problem in these cases is that the withdrawal from the market is a late solution. The product should never have come to the final consumer. It’s spread the virus of the quality among importers who bring these products. They should hire Laboratory Test and Rigorous audits that avoid that the use of hazardous substances and that end up causing a public health problem.

The A.B.C. of quality and is missing eyes to avoid many of the articles that end up in the hands of children are not harmful for them. The problem is that when we are consumers not always we are aware or we realize a series of demands which must comply with such products, adds Makow. Now for example our beaches and pools are populated of aquatic hazardous toys as floats, mattresses, toys, beach balls, buckets, shovels, diving articles and pumps of inflation. In fact the last National Institute of consumption (INC) anoel in an analysis of 22 articles of beach and pool, concluded that only 11 were totally correct and met the minimum yse communicated to the manufacturers or importers cases that could present a risk to its rectification or withdrawal of the product from the market.For example, found a flotador-pato without whose traction of the CAP did not exceed the tensile tests and brand that could have endangered the child’s life which put him.