Moving Apartments

To move did not fire, just need to know how a complex and difficult service. The consistent and correct execution of each individual operation significantly reduces the time of execution move. The arrival of movers. Movers come to move in advance only if you order additional services "Disassembly of furniture." Disassembly and packing of furniture is based on the volume and complexity of the work of the 2-hdo 8 hours. Preparing to move furniture. The following operations: the removal and rearranging furniture; separation of furniture, fixing furniture fronts tape stripping of the mirrors.

removal of the shelves and fixing them. Disassembly of furniture. Partial disassembly of furniture, executed porters of "Low Coast Move" is not further be calculated and paid. When disassembling furniture assemblers its mark, while packaged and stacked for proper transportation. Packing furniture. Standard packaging includes a cardboard strip panels of furniture and fixing them with tape. This operation is included in the cost of relocation services.

At your request we can pack furniture to more expensive packaging materials. Laying things. Stacking and packing things in boxes and bags. In the box is placed utensils, books and fragile items. In the bags are usually placed things. Boxes and bags are securely fixed scotch. Removal of belongings and furniture for the car. First imposed oa furniture, kitchen and then soft and only then things and boxes. In the first place is removed from the apartment that the first cargo in a / the car. Loading machine. Loading machines with simultaneous laying and fixing things and furniture. This is the most important and crucial stage of the move, he performed under the guidance of the most experienced movers. Transportation. We strictly follow the speed limits during transportation. Speed over 60 mph at the Transport of furniture is not allowed. Unloading furniture and belongings out of the car their rise to new premises. Placement of furniture assembly furniture. Moving over. After removal of debris is acceptance of work and final settlement with our representative.