Lorenzo Navarrete

The movement measures this Sunday the backing of society through concentrations convened in almost all Spanish cities. Anthropologist Manuel Mandianes believes that assistance to the 19-J will be large. Nearly 1,000 policemen ensure security in Madrid 19-J. The Pact of the Euro: road map for the EU to deal with the economic crisis. Is the Pact of the Euro an unavoidable commitment to Spain? Creative, anonymous, and free art for manifestations of 19-J. LIST: what is the poster that best represents the 19-J? The 15-M movement is unstoppable and has no back-up because he was born at a stage of social failure and economic crisis that has not been exceeded and did react to the politicians, who have understood the need to include some of his ideas in their proposals of Government. It’s a diagnosis that the Dean of the official Association of sociologists and political scientists in Madrid, Lorenzo Navarrete, and anthropologist Manuel Mandianes, who analyzed the evolution of this movement coincide measuring this Sunday the backing of society through concentrations convened in almost all Spanish cities.

Concentrations will be numerous thanks to 15-M fuze, society has woken up and people think you have a lot of things for that protest, because they are making them, ensures Mandianes, therefore considers that the movement will continue to count with the support of many people. Also this anthropologist estimates that the concentrations will be numerous and that they will serve the movement to take oxygen and certify that the spirit of the Puerta del Sol is still alive. The party politics has not suffered any kind of devastating attack, or there has been a collapse; It is a call and a warning to remind that there are problems and that we must recover confidence, because something is wrong with the management of the crisis, believes the anthropologist. An unstoppable movement for Navarrete, had symptoms that was nearing the end of a cycle; the movement has brought them to light and proposed redirect situations that arose as irremovable.