Thick darknesses guard the reason human being. The pale ones and weakened rays of the truth that arrive to it, are impotent to clarify the sinuosas ways covered by the myriad legions that are in way, and do not obtain to make to shine its eyes the ideal and distant target. Ignorant of its destinations, vacilando without ceasing between the damage and the error, the man curses to the times the life. Bending to its pack, he inculpates its fellow creatures of the provaes that he supports and that they are almost always caused by its imprevidncia. Rebelled against God, to who he accuses with injustice, it arrives some times, in its madness and its desperation, to turn into a desert of the combat to salutar, the only fight that can strenghten its soul, clarify its judgment, more prepare it for works of raised order. Why the man goes down, weak and unarmed, to the great enclosure for bullfighting where if delivery without rest, without rest, to the perpetual and gigantic battle? It is because the Land is an inferior step in the scale of the worlds. In it only beginning espritos inhabit, that is, souls in which reason starts to blunt.

The born in the kingdom substance sovereign on the world. Its yoke bends us it, limits our facultieses, refreia our impulses for the good, our aspirations for the ideal. Thus, to discern the reason from the life, to perceive the supreme law that conducts the souls and the worlds, it is necessary to know to become free itself of the coarse influences, disconnect itself of the concerns of material order, of all the things passengers and changeable that hide our spirit, they overshadow our appreciations. It is raising us, for the thought, above of horizontes of the life, making abstraction of the time and the space, pairando of some luck above of the trifling details of the existence, that we will see indistinctly the truth.