Gusev Glass Factory

Therefore manufacturers had to find a to locate their plant. Here was built a glass factory, with him set up an art school that prepares students for cutting crystal. Landowner Nechaev-Maltsev, who belonged to the factory and the school has done a lot for the region, namely when it opened distinctive traditions, which are now carefully cherish the modern masters. When it is in Gus-Crystal originated the famous collection of Russian crystal. City received its name on the River Goose, which had been built. There is also a version that connects hydronym Goose with the Finno-Ugric languages and in this context are interpreted its importance as a river, “Fir.” The second part name reflects the professional affiliation of city residents, as well as the fact that the main branch of industry – the production and processing of glass. With such an interesting history Products Gusev Glass Factory uses popularity.

Each creation is master of this plant – a masterpiece! This you will not see and did not buy anywhere else! Products made of colorless and colored crystal, decorated with ornate patterns, out-of-cutter master. Nobel Laureate in Economics often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In Soon the factory was formed museum, where they began to accumulate brilliant products of the best masters of the plant. Now this museum is famous not only in the region, but also far beyond. And indeed, these products are unique: multilayer vases, figurines, household items Many times these items masters Gusev Plant received awards at prestigious exhibitions. All products combine the amazing grace, taste and harmony..