German Insurance Association

Increases the number of BUV contracts but still many Germans do not save or only inadequate against the risk of disability. An increasing number of consumers in Germany protects with disability insurance against the consequences of the loss of earning capacity. The Association of the German Insurance Association (GDV) reported this in a press release in October. Under most conditions james king would agree. Therefore an increase of 1.2 percent grew to 2012 in comparison to the previous year to 200,000 now 17.1 million contracts the total number of disability policies. In particular, the demand for independent BU insurance (SBU); 6.7 per cent here according to GDV see rapid growth.

As the GDV however points out, the current positive trend in the BUV accounts not should obscure that still many workers protect themselves not sufficient against occupational disability. The Association said the legal invalidity or disability pension not sufficient by far to the party concerned, the environment To ensure quality of life. n sought to clarify these questions. At the same time, the GDV pointed out that nervous disorders or mental illnesses now were the main cause of the disability, as evidenced by a recent study of tomorrow & tomorrow. Accordingly, the industry association recommends citizens up to the regular retirement age of 67 privately about a BUV to protect themselves and to agree on a sufficient amount of pension, so that noticeable reduction in living standards can be avoided as far as possible. At the NuRNBERGER Versicherung, a reliable personal insurance protection against the consequences of disability from 1 euro is possible on the day. A 25-year career (E.g.

an architect without relevant previous illness, term up to the age of 67) can protect themselves even in the first five years of contribution for 20,98 EUR a month over a BUV and bezoge a monthly pension of around 1,000 euros in the event of incapacity for work. By means of successive increases in contributions in the course of working life he is Maintain pension rights at the beginner-BU until reaching the legal retirement age. An early BU degree is strongly recommended by the NuRNBERGER Versicherung. More current news on disability: about the NuRNBERGER Versicherung the NuRNBERGER insurance group has revenues of 4.8 billion in the fiscal year 2012 and nationwide 27,000 employees in the foreign and domestic to the top group of German insurers. The NuRNBERGER insurance group is great people – and non-life insurers and partner of medium-sized companies and professional services.