German Games Festival

Large event on the subject of board game in the Saar district Hall anyone looking for games in the business, can be directed only to the packaging and the label. Often only the biggest game publishers with their games are also represented. The nimble fleas in Merzig of resident free youth carriers, offer the possibility to inform themselves extensively on many games and especially also to try them out a few weeks before Christmas. Expert advice completes the service offer of the Association. Hear from experts in the field like Steffan Lehnhoff for a more varied view. The 6 Saarland Games Festival”takes place on November 06 and 07 in the Saar Gau Halle Schwemlingen.

“Test matches include Dixit the game of the year 2010” and the children’s game of the year 2010 Diego Dragon tooth “. More than 200 games are available to try out available, including all games of the year since 2001, the children’s games of the year 2001 as well as interesting insider tips and many innovations from the Essen exhibition game 10 “, the world’s largest trade fair for Board Games. Among these are games with so strange names like Safranito” or Strauss ahead”. “But NESSIE of Loch Ness” the godfather “or visit the Saar Gau Halle. Held since 2005 the program leaves time all possibilities: two days to test the games (Saturday from 10 to 22 hrs, Sunday from 10 to 18 h) are available.

Game-experienced youth leaders to the introduction to the games available to guests at these times. Game educator Dirk Oehling, at the same time Chairman of the host Association to this approach: Reading the game manual ended have often been the fun of the game before it can begin. However, it easier for most people to learn a new game if it explains them well. That’s why we have extensively tested many new games in advance, to even explain.” “Back in the program, three tournaments are: on Saturday at 14: 00 is for Fawzi to the roast worm corner” played to win. This tournament for the first time considered qualifier Heckmeck World Championship, which is organized by the Zoch-Verlag. To 18: 00 comes with speed”the probably the fastest card game in the world to use. “The Sunday Tournament in Curli Googly” is intended for children from 4 to 10 years. Participation in the tournament is free, small prices, there is win. For children, young people and adults equally interesting the game is the werewolves by dark forest”. From 19: 00 guests may immerse themselves into the dark forest on the search after the werewolves wherein some also even discreetly will be involved as werewolves. “” The extensions new moon “and the community” are also used. Who interested to try out new games, or just time with beautiful board games to spend, is invited to participate in the Games Festival. Admission is free, for the well-being of course. Registration is not required. Another special feature of the event: By working with a video game retailers some of the test games on the spot can be purchased or ordered. Thus the developed Games Festival of nimble fleas to an extensive programme themed game. Further information on the Saarland Games Festival are available at the Chairman of the Association, Dirk Oehling (Ph.