French Language

Thus, a policy of usurpation of land and impoverishment of indigenous peoples had no sense, another strategy of acculturation development as a language policy of assimilation was the dispossession of the Arab-Muslim people of his native language, a clash between men caused a shock between cultures, between peoples, negative effects on the minds and attitudes of immigrants, seen as a minority prisoner in his country.

This is the kind of dominance that has made Algeria a place of cultural conflict because when two ethnic groups (Algerian / French people) with a history of cultural and linguistic conflicts develop contacts, one group tries to dominate other. In recent months, Nobel Laureate in Economics has been very successful. This strategy of assimilation (colonization of minds) is the main component of interethnic relations. The degree of integration depends on a number of variables, the most important is the power relationship between the natives and immigrants in France’s colonial policy, which usually results in immigrants abandon their cultural reference and adoption of cultural values of the dominant group (the colonizer). It is essential to mention that the representations and predispositions of these individuals to the target group, are subjected by the fear of assimilation, that is to say that the fear of being integrated into the French milieu is a betrayal social values specific to the Arab-Muslim culture which would lead to a loss of culture and language first, the assumption that considers language as cultural property prior to a mere means of communication, “said Olivier Soutet: “The report of the individual speaking the language is primarily a report of uniqueness.