Fan Radiator

On the cover of the block fuses are usually shown the icon, which one is responsible for the fan. He may look normal, but simply can not kontachit because of poor landing in the nest. Then it is enough bend contact petals or move a fuse. But if it is blown, the fuse needs to be changed. The second stage – check the temperature sensor. Find it easy: it is part of a radiator with protruding wires.

All these wires disconnected from the sensor and closes with each other, then turn on the ignition. If the fan is then spun, then the sensor is faulty. It can not be repaired – it is molded, but can go further, leaving the fan running, and the wires closed. If such a circuit wire gauge does not work, should be excluded from the scheme of the relay. To do so, remove it from the gearbox and replace a piece of wire, jacks control contact is bridged. What contact managers, to determine easily: under the scheme on the cover of the unit.

If this does not work, still with a conventional light bulbs with wires to check whether there is power to the motor fan. If the lamp when the ignition is not Off – no power, and so – lost contact somewhere in the connectors or harnesses. In such a situation rationally will not untwist harnesses (often they are virtually unavailable), and turn on the fan with a battery, using a piece of wire. The voltage on the fan there, but it does not rotate? Hence, the electric motor has failed. It's rare but it happens. You can continue to move cautiously, but the temperature gauge is the main instrument for you. If hand slightly closer to the red zone – stop, open the hood to cool the engine, and so until you reach the service. Another cause of engine overheating can be a thermostat. This device jams sometimes in closed, then the coolant begins to circulate, bypassing the radiator. This is easy to see – raising the hood, trying to touch the radiator. The radiator is cold, hot engine – the thermostat is closed. Sometimes it is enough knock something on the thermostat housing, so that he has opened. If this does not have to take it off. The process is not complicated, but troublesome. From the thermostat removed any tool to break down all the stuffing, then set it on place. The engine will now be a long time to warm up, but you can move. If the thermostat is jammed in the half-open state, it is difficult to diagnose: the radiator is hot, the fan working properly, but the engine still heated. The problem is that weakened the flow of fluid through the radiator, part circulates in the "small circle". If the diagnosis you are sure, feel free to break the thermostat, if not, turn the stove on high, open all windows and quietly go in repairs. Performance of the stove is usually enough to not overheat the engine completely. The pleasure of riding a little too, but you can get to the place.