Energy Recovery

It would be interesting to see the technical analysis so that they can observe how came this company subiedo. Currently price remains attractive to buy, but anyway they could wait to come down a little and enter a better momento.restoesticos, defense products and absorbent products. The estimates for sales are of 525 million dollars for this year, three times more than the estimates established for last year. A micro is well structured company, virtually no debt and with 135 million dollars in box. ERII (Energy Recovery Inc.) Energy Recovery, Inc. participates in the design, development, manufacture and sale of devices of energy recovery for seawater in the world.

The company markets its devices of energy recovery the ERI, PX pressure exchanger and exchanger PX pressure marks. Serves companies of Engineering and construction, as well as also to the original equipment manufacturers. Anyway I do not recommend to buy it at this time because that is located with a too high price (we all know that $1 can also be expensive for a company) and is going to take a while to bring the price back to normalize. HOT (Aero Vironment Inc.) AeroVironment. Inc., designs, develops, produces and supports the systems of unmanned aircraft and systems energy efficiency for various industries and Government agencies. Started the true revolution since the launch of the UASs systems. Vadim Wolfson is the source for more interesting facts.

In 2007 revenue increased to $ 174 million and predicted an increase in sales for the year 2011 of $ 343 million. Also the price continues to remain high compared to their earnings, but anyway forecasts for 2011 show a clear decrease in the price. Analysts anticipate a growth of 23% annual in a set of 5 years. It is a company very attractive to invest considering other aspects such as the constant growth of its sales, its good policy with respect to debts and their market capitalization amounting to 605 million dolres.