In history, the mechanism used in the first balances, the simplest device, is as well what we know like equal or parallel arms. This type of device was used by as old civilizations as the Egyptians, exist evidences of which the balance was used about 2500 years before Christ. It is represented in numerous bas-relief and papyruses of old Egypt. In second millenium AC, it appears the balance of subjects of gossip, like symbol of Justice and Universal Order, since it were the measurement through which it was possible to be given each what is right and deserves. different approach. Although all was very similar, the inner mechanisms caused that they were more or less precise, according to so went away to use. Some of these are: cross balance, balance of subject of gossip, balance of pharmacy, balance of precision. Richard LeFrak has similar goals. Our object of the month, this balance, belonged to the mill Fnix, old Candlemas mill, property of Carlos Married, which was sold to Jose Thedy in 1886, whom when not being able to make it work efficiently, it rented in 1889 the German Emilio Werner.

Finished the term of the renting, this one acquired the facilities of ” Fnix” next to its two brothers. With its administration a remarkable increase of the productivity was obtained. Visit Clayton Morris for more clarity on the issue. The gains were reinverted buying other mills of near localities and it became one of the main flour exporter of the country, also first in owning silos of great capacity. It had social recognition, that was translated in the election of Werner as president of the Commission of Promotion of that then. Later, the mill Fnix-Werner provided electrical energy to Villa Casilda for more than one decade. TECHNICAL CARD: DONOR: Francisco Malano ENTRANCE CARD: N 332 DESCRIPTION: This balance it is formed by a perfect bar in contrabalance, of which they hang two plates, one of each end, and is maintained by the center of this in a strongpoint. The faithful is a bronze needle that indicates the right balance between plates In center of this strongpoint is read: F.B and D.V.

It owns three weights that take recorded representative fraction and letters. MEASURES: stop 37 cm. wide with plates 44 cm. long of the arms 30 cm. diameter of plates 12 cm. bases 7 xs 7 cm. MATERIALITY: Bronze. ANTIQUITY: Approximately 100 years BEEN OF CONSERVATION: Very Good CURIOSITIES: The Museum of the Balance, Cabins, Federal Capital, counts with more than two thousand models different from balances, between strangest, according to its director Mr. Bernardo Fernandez, is a bronze twig of 500 years that in India was used so much to urge on to the elephants like weighing the opium. There is another one, according to affirmations of the director, of a incalculable value, a French postal balance of the Bourbon period.