Disaster Reduction With Well Built Homes

The main fear of the inhabitants of Mexico City is losing its heritage as a result of an earthquake or earthquake similar to 1985. Therefore, one of the guarantees that can be made is to offer apartments in buildings that comply with those rules of construction. If we take into account recent disasters in Haiti and Chile, the great difference between the two countries is that material damage was much lower in Chile. Such a reduction of the catastrophic consequences due to well-constructed houses are based on a normative, which is zero, or outright non-existent in Haiti. Mario Ordaz Schroeder, who is a researcher at the Institute of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, said that in Chile, the 8.8 magnitude earthquake caused a release of energy 600 times greater than that of Haiti, but thanks to education and civil the strict regulation is greatly reduced damage, as it is not affected more than 600 victims. The head of the Seismology Department Institute of Geophysics of the same institution, reminds us that world events happen more than 15 earthquakes of magnitude greater than 7.0, for a year. He added that the vast majority takes place near the borders between tectonic plates, involved between two and five plates, depending on location.

Such is the case of Mexico, which has well-known active faults, same as those found within the Neo-Volcanic Axis. All parts that make up the “tectonic puzzle” of the Mexican nation, call for reform and consolidation of laws requiring builders to implement risk transfer mechanisms. These mechanisms should be in charge of all insurance companies. And who should encourage and ensure that buildings are made based on the rules already mentioned, must be in real estate in Mexico City looking to offer not only a heritage, but also a guarantee that your assets may survive a seismic event a magnitude higher than the 7.0 degrees on the Richter scale.