Direct Funding

This means that a promotion can be claimed even if the reference value for the primary energy requirement is not met, the rehabilitation potential of the building but was exhausted in accordance with the findings. Promoting loan amount for individual measures and maximum 75,000 euro per residential unit specifically targeted at a discounted loan up to maximum 50.000 euro. An initial suspension of repayment is generally possible. The basis for the calculation of the loan amount is the renovation investment including costs. There is no need for borrowing, can if necessary a Direct subsidy be applied for at the KfW (program number 430).

How can support be obtained? The prerequisite checker and applying for the promotion on the Bank of the eligible must be made by beginning a reorganisation measure. Note the need for an application form signed by a recognised expert, as well as the other necessary facilities. Direct grants must be requested directly from the eligible at the KfW. The recognized experts are referred to as energy consultant in the monument”in a list of experts published information there at the KfW. conclusion and further funding opportunities KfW Energieeinsparverordnung monument the new funding programme” allows funding for energetic interior design, taking into account the importance of cultural construction. The potential savings in financing through the development loans are remarkable: it’s worth in any case, to check the conditions.

More KfW funding aimed at similar measures (energy renovations or the construction of particularly energy-saving buildings) in other types of buildings or have other objectives, such as barrier-free living or Altersgerechtes House”for comprehensive renovation. The financial scope for real estate financing can be extended significantly through the use of promotions and ultimately leads to faster debt relief. The previous, comprehensive information is therefore to recommend any prospective real estate buyers this is free at the KfW itself or the relevant trade portal on the Internet also possible for interested parties. More info KfW loans conveyor segment KfW Energieeinsparverordnung monument