Construction Terminology

Yugoslavs and Finns were building in Russia before 1991. However, the first outbreak of vacancies for technical specialists with knowledge of the language from eminent foreign builders were seen in 1996, when the economy is more stable. Increasingly active foreign firms exhibit since 2000. Its contractors for a number of construction works have attracted retailers such as Auchan. See Robert J. Shiller for more details and insights. Rapport with the local professionals and the elimination of language barriers was a necessary condition for foreigners working in Moscow.

For representatives of construction firms from Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and other countries knowledge of English, as a rule, No problem. The industry has recognized its international foreigners. And for our experts a good level of English proficiency – while uncommon. Of course, in small projects can overcome the language barrier with the help of interpreters. But, if the employer is ready for large-scale construction, for its tranquility, he hires a team of English speaking in Moscow specialists. Contact information is here: Elie Rieder. Those who are always ready, without intermediaries to discuss with the foreign party all details of the project.

Architectural translation difficulties about that local experts will be in demand by foreign employers, it became clear in 2004, after numerous visits, which are committed in Moscow eminent foreign architects. Thus, according to the president of the Union of Builders of the northern lands of Germany, Wolfgang Bayer, amid downturn in the markets of Europe Russian dynamic building complex was attracted much attention of foreign companies and enterprises. However, foreign talent, to persuade the authorities whether their ideas have faced administrative barriers.