Chinese Minmetals

The town is Hallstatt and hardly has 1,000 inhabitants. Here, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The project carries out the metallurgical company to it Chinese Minmetals. Some inhabitants of the Austrian town have reacted with indignation; others see an advertising reclamation it. The country that has transformed into an art the other people’s product plagiarism now wants to reproduce house to house and street street leaves from the colorful Austrian town of Hallstatt, located to the border of a lake that, by its position, also will be copied. The Viennese newspaper Die Presse assured this week that the metallurgical company Chinese Minmetals works in a real estate project in the rich province of Guangdong, that it has as it hardly bases a reproduction of this town of 1,000 inhabitants. In the own page Web of the Chinese company, the project like &quot is described; residential falsifying based on the European style. The commercial street represents a characteristic locality in Austria". According to Die Presse, Chinese architects and engineers visit for Hallstatt years to make surveys and to point details of each corner of this town, that from 1999 shows the title of Patrimony of the Humanity.

The place of the market and the houses surround that it, the evangelical church of 1863, an emblematic hotel, several buildings and even the lake, although not on scale, will be in center of a complex of houses and commercial centers and leisure that will occupy million meters squared in the city of Huizhou. The inhabitants of Hallstatt have reacted between the surprise, the indignation and the joy to the news that its town will have Chinese copy. " We are not going to allow that simply they imitate ours pueblo" , the mayor has declared Alexander Scheutz, who assures that he had the news that the Chinese company wanted to construct to houses in the style of Hallstatt but not an exact reproduction of the town. More optimist is Pamela Binder, manager of the office of tourism of the region where it is Hallstatt, and that has described the news like " regalo" and one " wonderful publicidad". That yes, so that it is not said that the Chinese only copy, the houses of the Asian Hallstatt will have the windows greater, something than to the neighbors of the original one does not allow to modify not to alter these protected buildings them. Source of the news: China copies a town of Austria marries to house and street street