Building Production Project

Construction – this is a complex process requiring the participation of a large number of specialists in different oblastey.Prichem understand who is a professional, a person does not have the specialized experience and education, only a very superficial level. Often, such attempts are “” lead to unsatisfactory results. Practice shows that 80% of success in translating the project into life in the competent management. Formed the practice in building relationships in which the customer as the owner of the property, requiring some improvement in the form of construction, reconstruction or major repairs seeks to involve him manage the construction of the organization. Management of investment construction process involves planning, coordination, organization and control project from start to completion, with the aim of quality customer satisfaction as defined in the specifications to goals set during construction of all three, namely:

to ensure that actual costs of the planned budget of the project, or to determine the optimal value of works was in fact, 2) providing input object in accordance with the schedule of works to a specified period; 3) ensuring a certain quality of performance abort Dopolnitelno can be performed as the economic and financial activities, providing bigness monitoring construction and financing of the construction. In some cases, the amount of work may be added to the duty to maintain the construction site, including problem-solving to ensure energy, water conservation, as well as providing the customer with large management organization from the beginning is especially important. Because of how skillfully will formulate the initial data, specifications, permits, and negotiated documents, job design in general – that is the foundation began work on the project, will depend not only indicators of the project, the success of construction, but most importantly – the maximum agreement of the results of the project criteria, laid down in the specifications for construction as a whole. Last but not least, a well implemented project is the efficiency of the subsequent operation of the facility.