Army Military Tourism

In the Yaroslavl region of Russia wishing to offer a local version of extreme tourism – ‘Army tourism’. $ 600 (the price of leisure on the Mediterranean coast in the 5-star hotel) are invited to try the Army life. For the money the customer would have impressed a few dozen times, missed his time, standing on guard, and try buckwheat porridge – informs the Internet edition For an extra fee you can ride on apc or helicopter, play paintball, jump with a parachute and learn fighting. Expect tourists and night of surprises. And for those who need it, promise to deny the extra weight. In view of the traumatic service in the price in the army includes insurance.

Clients also ask for a receipt, which confirms the voluntary participation in the experiment, as well as what they are warned about the possibility of a trauma. Soldiers have wished to stay 15 persons, among them two girls. Soon there will be on the basis of thirty more tourists. Yet it is only Muscovites, but organizers are hoping to interest a unique tour of their program and foreign nationals. Tour operators say their customers wealthy people, who were both in Africa and in America, and in the army – it was not necessary. In addition, organize special programs for teens that will give the opportunity to try to imagine a real military service for 10 days.