Angler-friendly Apartments In Ostfriesland

Holiday homes and apartment for anglers and holiday-makers in East Frisia on the North Sea coast. In addition to beach vacationers in the warm summer months, and the few who feel contented in the colder months of the year at the North Sea, there are still fishing holiday makers, who want to pursue their active hobby of fishing on the various inland. And for this holiday there are plenty of choice in the North Sea or in East Frisia really. An important point is of course also the accommodation such as angler-friendly apartments in Holtagst, which is may like to be close to the waters or of which any of the idyllic lakes and rivers simply and quickly reach can. Also, wellness is after an Angel joyful day in the nature of great advantage, so a sauna apartment certainly ensures the proper relaxation.

But now to the main – fishing: contained In the southern East Frisia and the numerous lakes and channels allow fishing to the variety of fishes. And on the North Sea directly even mackerel and cod fishermen enjoy the Idyll of the sea and the sometimes breathtaking catches. The entire region of East Frisia is known for the wonderful fishing and the fish-rich waters, whether in the deep or shallow water in the clear or turbid water u.v.m. Tourism thrives on East Frisia as a fishing paradise that real fishing trips are offered here, both for adults and for young people. And of course are also many fishing shops locally to find, so that fishing friends can stock up on the new with the necessary fishing equipment. In addition to the popular holiday rentals for anglers is the East Frisia for fishing shops and numerous water information for fans of nature and of the fish. But now fishing anglers which species of fish can? The waters of the North are full of large and small fish, which are fishing well and like to leave.