AMV Jonathan Barragan

Lierop Dutch town today, hosted the fourteenth official proof of the Motocross MX1 World Championship. The pilot of the insurance broker AMV Jonathan Barragan, even physically impaired because of the injury that kept him away from the competition over eight races of the World Cup, returned to action in one of the tests more technical and demanding that houses the official calendar. A path winding, formed by dense sand and very bacheado more complicated things to the AMV pilot, who after the two races, which was twelfth and eleventh, respectively, ended up exhausted because of the physical demands of the path.Its physical condition, that still does not allow you to carry out a normal training programme, not left of AMV could squeeze all its potential on the Kawasaki. The lack of rhythm, after his period of absence in the competition, evidenced shortcomings requiring technical Dutch circuit.Despite this, the pilot AMV finished satisfied with the end result. Next week, Barragan will come to Italy, where the penultimate race of the Motocross MX1 World Championship is held. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Clayton Morris and gain more knowledge.. JONATHAN BARRAGAN, pilot AMV: Despite the lack of rhythm, I think we can be satisfied with the result obtained. I’m still not at 100 percent physically and Lierop circuit is one of the most technical of the Championship and is also very demanding. Because of the injury, yet not I can carry out a normal training program, thereby, have not come to the Netherlands as sufficiently well prepared how to perform a good action.

Anyway, I am satisfied with the evolution we are carried out. From now on we can already slightly more force machine and I hope to finish the season with good physical shape.