Advance Payment For An Apartment

Despite the fact that the number of real estate agents today is very impressive, and the list of services is rather broad and acceptable, some people prefer to buy their own apartments. Blame them in this impossible, because the process of buying an apartment is quite simple. Indeed, it suffices to find the media needed an apartment to go see it, make a small amount as advance payment and the seller an apartment or representing his estate agency, will prepare all the documents will make a deal and hand over the keys to the apartment. Does not aim to dissuade anyone from buying an independent apartment, but as professionals with years of experience, I would like to give some tips that will greatly facilitate your life. So, you've found your dream apartment. Examined her up and down, talked with owners and realtors representing their interests, and said its weighty: "I'll take>>. Let us not forget that 99% of apartments in Moscow are sold through real estate agencies.

And here's where you have come to specify on paper all the conditions buying an apartment. What do you think? Only on paper and not otherwise. Paper, this all real estate agents called in different ways, but essentially it's "Contract advance Apartments>>. You pass a certain portion of the money and agree to buy chosen apartment for some money in a certain period and under certain conditions, and the agency agreed to sell the apartment only for you. And as the price of the apartment except you know nothing and do not want to know (which, in general, normal), then the seller offers Realtors an impressive space for maneuvering. No, God forbid, nobody is going to deceive you, or somehow oppressed.