I Factory

“The Leipzig factory i was the special ‘ reconciliation of family and career” award for their outstanding commitment to families. Family-conscious thinking and actions is at the i-fabrik GmbH in the first place. Currently, the medium-sized company employs 19 people, currently there are already 12 i-factory children.” Managing Director Gotz Schlegel, himself the father of a son, knows from personal experience how important the compatibility of family and career is today: I was the first one in the company who had a child and therefore I could see well what is necessary and what to keep in mind, if you want to combine work and family. My staff can benefit now. Fast and uncomplicated solutions, as well as flexible and individualized support services are in the i factory the A and o are implemented for example: Flexible work schedules, work at home or single-employer supported childcare. During parental leave, contact is kept with the staff via intranet, staff events or days, so that a hassle-free return is possible at any time. The i-factory and a Leipzig bakery have been identified by an expert jury in a two-stage selection procedure as an award winner.

Both companies will receive a prize money amounting to 1,000 euros each. The award was from the network Alliance family + professional Leipzig (AFB) launched with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Leipzig in the context of the Familienfreundlichkeitspreises of the city of Leipzig 2010. Link Tip: r-5-a 966.html over the network Alliance family + professional Leipzig: the network Alliance family + professional Leipzig is a knowledge, contacts and advice platform for all actors of the economy of the region of Leipzig who will be strong for more family-friendly policy and the development of a family-conscious corporate culture. The aim of the network is to raise awareness among a large number of companies from the region of Leipzig for the need and the benefits of a better reconciliation of family and professional and thus the employment opportunities for mothers, fathers and caregivers Nationals to increase overall. Family-friendliness and the reconciliation of family and working life should be developed as a location factor in the Leipzig region. About the i-fabrik GmbH: 10 years experience as an Internet Agency – our customers trust. With its in-depth expertise, we score in the areas of real estate, hospitals, administrations and press.

From our headquarters in Leipzig we customers throughout central Germany provide individual Internet service. Web design or database application – we always find the optimum, barrier free solution and bring reliability on the point. Long-term customer relationships prove our success. We create individual results and customized programming. Applications from proprietary and free software, as well as personal contact from A to Z place fitting our dot on the i. We think the performance requirements and quality standards of our customers an and focus on a detailed conceptual work. We provide assistance with any questions. Even after project completion.

Relationship Tips

Like returning with your ex- fianc2ee? The more thinks about this question, the more confused usually one is. I can understand much that you feel by your ex- fianc2ee, but podras not to return with your ex- ones until knows the methods adapted to recover it. You want to know the methods correct? It reads east complete article, this will help you. Like returning to be together with your ex- fianc2ee? Quick attention to these advice: Advice # 1. Not to spy on your ex- fianc2ee which is doing. Concntrate in which you must do instead of which you are doing.

You do not try to review your social accounts of Facebook, MySpace and other networks. There is no necessity to send messages through Facebook to your ex- fianc2ee. In addition, you do not share poems of rupture, appointments, images through your profile in Facebook. Advice # 2. You must avoid all those things that make you seem desperate. In addition, he is not advisable to extract or abrir to the wounds by means of the search and the rupture poem interchange.

Haslo only if you wish hacerte more damage. Advice # 3. Demustrale that you are a man of truth. You are not as if you had a weak personality and that you cannot be happy without your fianc2ee. Dale to your fianc2ee a time so that it misses and leaving to you asks if you are thinking about her. Advice # 4. Now you must learn to being happy without your ex- fianc2ee. You must understand that you do not have to force your ex- fianc2ee to return next to you. Good, this it is the best moment to improve your mental energy and physical health. nete to classes of yoga and clubs of the laughter. It spends time to your likings. All these things will give the opportunity you to know and to make new friendly. Advice # 5. Until you restore the communication with your ex- fianc2ee. If your friendly invite to you to make things interesting, spends the short while with them. If other women want to go out with you, begins to leave with them. Good, it is necessary to let know them that you have happened recently through a rupture and is not looking for a serious relation now. At this moment, you must be positive, and make the things that do more positive to you. When doing all these things these giving to your ex- fianc2ee some good reasons him to return with you. If you become a positive man and happy, salts with other women, your ex- fianc2ee sentira that loses to somebody special one in its life. And it would begin to think about the relation that it had with you. You are free to share this article with all the people that you know and to those who you think that this information can help him. Then, that delays To return with your ex- express?

Sandwich Panels Garages Carriage Houses Cabins

Sandwich panels – is large-size structure in the form of sandwich elements in which the heat insulating layer is made of modern, highly insulating materials: mineral wool based on basalt fiber, or self-extinguishing polystyrene grades. Panel sandwich – a wonderful building material used for construction of various buildings. There are two main types of such panel – wall and roof. Wall sandwich panels are used as the name implies, for the construction of the walls. Possess a smooth surface with shallow edges. Perfectly fit together with each other.

The walls are constructed of sandwich structures, have an attractive appearance and do not require additional finishing. Wide range of colors allows you to build a beautiful building. Roof sandwich panels used for the erection of the roof buildings. In contrast to the wall, roof panels have high edges that give effect to drain and increased rigidity. Joint design of roof panels provides a full moisture resistance. The surface of the panels does not require further treatment. Rigid liner is made of durable galvanized steel sheets (thickness 0,5-0,7 mm) with double-sided polymer coating – polyester having high abrasion and weather resistance. To protect the decorative cover panels during shipping and installation works, they are covered with protective film, which is easily removed during or after installation structures.

Instead of galvanized steel sheets for cladding can be used by other material such as plastic, wood, pvc, drywall and other similar materials. For the steel panels most often as use mineral wool insulation. A plastic or drywall – polystyrene, which is also in no way inferior to its thermal insulation properties. These sandwich components are used in the decoration indoors or in As warming. Sandwich panels are widely used in industrial and civil construction through a variety of high performance and aesthetic qualities. The advantages of using these panels: the possibility of Walling construction sites with virtually no restrictions; significant reduction in total costs for capital construction and operation of buildings; Attractive appearance of buildings erected with the use of sandwich panels. Sandwich panels most in demand in the construction of prefabricated buildings of metal, when the steel erection for a variety of technologies to further veneer sandwich panels can be achieved along with the shortest possible time, high quality and original design of the object. The versatile mobile homes, which are constructed the use of sandwich panels. Mobile home after the assembly is also easy to disassemble the element by element, or replace the necessary parts. Mobile homes – is garages, cabins, carriage houses, temporary shelters for construction workers and other similar facilities. Go to the mobile buildings are also easy to transport and installation of block-module boiler, one advantage of which is a small price. Modular boilers are supplied fully factory ready for connection and operation.


Cannot replace lost love, there are points of friction rings, however, already in many respects. But some see such challenges are not grown and go in the quarries. The main reason for this is miscommunication. Very quickly you’re talking past each other and potentially misunderstood. The communication barrier is greater when emotions are involved. The risk to experience an emotional loss can be frightening. Human behavior is influenced by fear known.

However, there are also positive effects that can be used by emotional support of the partners. Couples who develop synergies, adjust even their behaviour after a wedding. That is the daily routine is changed, the distribution of roles is more clearly defined. This strange effect can be observed on average often; The majority of wives would call her husband as lazy, which widerherum encounters strong resistance among many men. Not much has changed from the own perspective and will stamped this easily as selective perception. Because Cook separately side by side for example at the same time would make little sense. As a result, partnerships offer many benefits, not only in emotional terms.

The traditional way to consolidate a partnership, is the marriage. The growing connection is symbolized with wedding rings. Wedding rings made of gold are the most popular variation. Gold is generally considered valuable and is therefore gladly worn as jewelry. This underlines the symbolism because gold prices are rising continuously and consequently the value so represented is increasing. The versatility of use offer also a sufficient alternative benefit. In the unfortunate event of a separation, the wedding rings serve as a reminder. Because they represent not only emotional but also economic value, you could benefit in any case. Partner rings or similar jewellery made of precious metals, offers also a stable value if the symbolism will lose their raison d ‘ etre. Even wedding rings engraved on the secondary market have an attractive Purchase price. This is Feingold share certainly decisive for it, how lucrative sale is again will make. So it pays off sooner or later, if you’re investing in the right place. When not wearing the wedding ring is quickly angered by the wife or the husband. This can be interpreted, in circumstances as an indicator of infidelity. Another proof how much our think this symbolism and behavior can influence. Finally, ensure conditions in an ideal relationship for that time can be used as positive. Yet external influences seem so strong the simple communication due to the high number of misunderstandings is not sufficient to maintain sustainable relationships.

Founder Of Fever In The Girls Day

ten hamburger girl got an insight into everyday work of Internet-startups allyve.com that invited hamburger startup company Allyve GmbH to the girls day a ten pupils to take a look at the founder scene of the IT industry. The 15 employees were the girls question and answer. And then it was the students behind the PCs they made created a blog post, they had themselves immediately to the Internet even Web 2.0. “” The students learned in around three hours under the guidance, including what today means the Internet and which origin words such as bug “or widget” have. If you would like to know more about lyft, then click here. The programmer reported live from their activity, while the girls watched the programmers at work over the shoulder. Then allowed to the girls then himself a small little program when they wrote the blog entry and were then on the site. “The girls and boys were thrilled:, I thought it was good that we did something themselves and not just the theory belongs to have.” so Lena (13). Velvet Group photo is to see the post on.

The promotion of young scientists in particular for young girls is especially to the heart. I come as industrial in a technical profession and could pass through this event to the girl my experience and experience in this field”, so Kelly Balasooriya, Managing Director of allyve.com. Allyve.com is a customizable home page that makes it easy and clear usable all important personal Internet accounts by entering a single password. Allyve saves the user time, is free, and creates a clear line in the tangled web of data and accounts again.

Sunday At Krefeld Dassbach Kitchen On October 3, 2010

Sunday Dassbach hosts the 3 October 2010 kitchens plant sale in Krefeld in time from 13: 00 to 18:00 a shopping day. Krefeld, the September 30, 2010. Thick in the calendar to enter all those who are interested in buying a cheap kitchen, should be October 3, 2010. This Sunday, Dassbach organized kitchen factory sales in time from 13: 00 to 18:00 a shopping day in his Office in Krefeld, Germany. Visitors can admire the Dassbach kitchen exhibition in Krefeld and the wide selection of sample kitchens in sophisticated surroundings in peace. With partner and / or the whole family: the visit to Dassbach sets up kitchens in Krefeld holiday on a small highlight.

So the Sunday shopping is certainly surprising: because Dassbach kitchens are anything other than products off the shelf. Over 200 attractive kitchen models and countless combinations will find kitchens at Dassbach. The appliances come exclusively from well-known brands: Kuppersbusch, Bauknecht, Siemens, Miele and AEG are since many years the partner of Dassbach. High quantities guarantee also in the built-in appliances shopping benefits – most of you like to the customers. A leading source for info: Richard LeFrak. Dassbach cake factory outlet – here the customer directly without middlemen, at incredibly reasonable prices buys. Everything from a single source: from the professional planning, Assembly and customer service: customers trust one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen: Dassbach with 5 locations in the region Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia. 3 October 2010, 13.00 to 18.00 Sunday shopping in Krefeld Dassbach kitchens Werksverkauf Gewerbegebiet Mevissenstrasse Niedieckstrasse 42 47803 Krefeld directions kitchen Studio Krefeld: 215-0-kitchen + and + fitted kitchen + Krefeld.html company description Dassbach kitchens: Dassbach kitchen is a kitchen manufacturer with a long tradition.

Founded in 1928, it is specialized in fitted kitchens at Dassbach since 1953. Since then, more than 800,000 kitchens were produced and sold directly to consumers about its own work offices. In addition to the price advantage by Customers will also benefit from the perfect planning and installation service from a single source, and also by the possibility of consulting at home direct sales without intermediaries. Company contact: DASSBACH kitchens factory sales GmbH & co. limited partnership Mr.

American Next Top Model

The supermodel and mogul media Tyra Banks is returning to his first love and great pason, modeling, activity that made him very famous and popular internationally. She signed with IMG Models to lend his name as image of the brands of this company. Tyra is always looking for ways to further expand his company financed different productions in the world of fashion. It is clear that she will work with the Agency IMG Models according to entrepreneur and promoter and not as a model, though is clearly expected to return to a catwalk that still has much to give. I joined IMG for a lot of reasons, Tyra wrote on his official website. I’m building my company and I realized that there are a lot of companies that can help and I can help. I used to be with IMG five years ago and is now good to go back in one more broadly stated Banks trying to dispel rumors of his return to modeling.

Tyra also commented as follows, the last time was with IMG, I had the idea to assume Couture modeling and commercial sectors. Now I’m dreaming with something bigger, but not for me but for my company. At 36 years of age he also says to still continue with their American Next Top Model program that has been a success in rating verdado and, according to Banks, is back with big surprises for the participants. On the other hand, the television program where often paraticipar as judge, America s Next Top Model competitors will now compete to win a great opportunity to appear on the cover of Italian Vogue. Before the ANTM winners appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine..

Republic Transport

As reported by the President of the Colegio de Contadores de Baja California, Mario Zavala, already there have been reported problems with the new electronic billing system, however, still having some doubts in this regard. He said, new electronic billing program has been running correctly, although initially it was commented that there were problems with the type of maintenance that was being given to electronic invoicing. Now that problems have not already been reported, Mexican companies are ready to begin to generate electronic invoices, he said. However, also considers the need to clarify certain questions concerning electronic invoicing that have arisen from the counters and which arise from very special regimes, for example, of the sector transport about how certain aspects can be handled, or what is the transport document (the letter with which van transport to the interior of the Republic), among many others. According to Mario Zavala, these doubts are normal and will be corrected as time progressed and companies are adapting to this new electronic billing system which undoubtedly greatly enhance your management system. ul. A. Verastegui hold..

Xavier Cano Tamayo Journalist

Do not have enough real money, because most banks do not have the physical money that the law requires them to have in reserve. As reported by the economics professor Juan Torres de la Universidad de Malaga, banks have dedicated to investing its resources (money that customers, businesses and entities have deposited) on very risky investments, but very profitable for them, but very dangerous to their solvency and to the general course of the economy. And on the crisis, says Torres knew, but have been fooling people, because, while everything was happening and triggered the crisis, banks, multinationals, politicians and monetary authorities have allowed, they were lining. They are the direct cause, officials uncertain of what happens. In short, banks with the complicity necessary of the monetary authorities (who at best looked the other way) and the culpable failure of governments, have devoted much of its resources to volatile financial products, dark and dangerous to the crisis (which they have created) has revealed that lack sufficient liquidity. Then turn off the debts and the real economy that creates wealth, suffers, it stops, backs.

a Increase delinquencies, trim templates, close factories, unemployment rises, decreases or disappears savings, prices are out of control, millions of people are struggling and hardships, daily life becomes very difficult for billions of people, increases hunger, declines in life expectancy in poor countries for a shattered economy. Banks and their accomplices a requirements (national governments and monetary authorities and international) are guilty. We need to, just as has been achieved in the world a relentless moral and social rejection of human trafficking and terrorism must ensure that banks and banking activities described, especially their perpetrators and their accomplices or accessories, suffer the same rejection of morality, social contempt. It is time to condemn any such indecent financial world and what it does, and demand that they be restrained and control. Xavier Cano Tamayo Journalist and writer Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the aim of inform and sensitize society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection environment.

The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated through their international networks.

Better Polypropylene

January 10 in Rostov-on-Don, opened a new web project – all of konalizatsionnyh systems. Read more from Nobel Laureate in Economics to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Decision on the issue in light of the site taken in early 2008 with the aim of strengthening and establishing new business relationships. The aim of the project – a new level development of the company. “Deciding it was caused by high consumer demand and the need to provide detailed information about the products our partners and customers – Explains Sales Director, Anatoliy Kostyukov. – The site not only calling card company, but one universal control lever in business.

“The company has successfully engaged in manufacturing pvc pipes sewer, for all time has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner. By using the latest technology to compete successfully with similar products, both domestic and imported proizvodstva.Kompaniya represents a wide range of PVC pipe, both for internal and for the underground installation of sewer kommunikatsiy.Kompaniya manufactures and sells pvc pipes. Huge range, expert advice specialists will help you make the best decision in choosing the pvc pipes. Long-term partnership, a huge selection of pvc pipes guarantee the special conditions of work organization and allow individual approach to each customer. Plastic PVC pipe right choice for a reliable interior and exterior sewage system.

The advantages of using plastic PVC pipe in the third quarter of last century in the construction of sewage systems used cast iron pipes, but because of the difficulties mount, expensive, small life, cast in many countries have changed to plastic pipes. In the manufacture of plastic pipes commonly used polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). We should also be said about this property of plastic PVC pipe as insulation. All who live in apartments; sign strong unpleasant noise sanitation. If your drain is of plastic pipe, the noise level is much lower. Plastic PVC pipe unplasticized polyvinyl chloride from the solid has a low . and other benefits the use of plastic sewer pipe pvc: Thermal resistance – when temperature differences are small plastic tubes carry the strain, with pvc pipes have high strength. A strain that occur with the pipes, add some flexibility to them, has saved from breaking; Durability – life of the plastic pipe is 50 years under normal conditions. The service life of steel pipes is 2-3 times smaller, and Sealed convenience of connecting plastic pipes and fittings, with different designs you can create a plastic pipe. This provides tight-tight connection, smoothness and stiffness of PVC sewer pipe – at the expense of the first plastic pipes better throughput garbage and waste, and correspondingly, less build up of dirt and eventually pvc pipes are polished and have become even more smooth. Rigidity and allows the use plastic pipe of large diameter; Transportation – weight plastic pipe is less than the steel several times. As a result, saving labor time for loading and unloading, plus the fuel economy on request about free transport.; Installation – To install a plastic pipe inside and outside of sanitation is not necessary to use special equipment. And due to the small weight of the installation is significantly reduced, resistance to chemical erosion – Plastic pipes do not interact with fats, salt solutions, organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and other means. Also, no effect on the plastic pipe neokazyvayut technical liquid, free from corrosion – plastic pipes can not be exposed to water, bacteria and fungi; Versatile PVC pipes – pipes are used not only to create an internal, external and rainwater drainage, as well as for pipelines for various purposes – to move corrosive fluids, drinking water (use pipes of refined edible plastic).

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