Christoph Haider Salman

Fans of science fiction & fantasy in literature and art meet on the BuchmesseConvent (BuCon) Festival of fantastic literature for the Frankfurt book fair Frankfurt/Dreieich – for the 23rd time. This independent of the mass of the fantastic genre Festival on 18 October 2008 and thus as usual parallel to the Frankfurt book fair. Celebrities are Bernhard Hennen, Markus Heitz, Tom Finn, Mike Hillenbrand, Karl-Heinz Witzko, Christoph Haider Salman, Bernd Perplies and many others. \”Organizer is a group of longtime, active in the fantasy scene fans in cooperation with the science fiction meeting Darmstadt, nationally known for the extremely successful Darmstadt Spacedays\” with 700 visitors and over 100 assets, as well as the Youth Club WIRIC in the civic book impact Association and the townhouses of Dreieich. The event is supported by the prestigious \”science fiction Club Germany e.V.\” which was founded in 1955 and is thus the oldest existing SF Club of the country.

On three tracks of several hours program with Lectures, presentations and discussion rounds the organizers offer something for everyone. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. Morris Invest has much experience in this field. Autographs and signing requests are gladly met. It is demonstrated that utopian and fantastic literature must be not necessarily trivial. Already, visions and predictions, which today belong to the everyday reality in their works offered George Orwell, H.G.. Wells and Jules Verne.

Of course, but also the entertaining novel of voltage should not be missed. The organizers show that despite \”Star Wars\” and \”Star Trek\” and \”Star Gate\”, the fantastic book is not dead, but through the use of modern technology, as well as the possibilities of the Internet today again experienced an unexpected Renaissance. Science fiction and fantasy can have a quite separate, independent of the Anglo-American space profile in Germany. The BuchmesseConvent presents the entire range of the readership to the bibliophile work. Fan-be does not stubborn consumption, but critical engagement with the author and his work.

Quest GameOnly

GameOnly, are available thousands of games without download!Jewel Quest, Crush The Castle or Bouncing balls one numbers attend the appointment! Do you feel like a game of shooting, fight or a number one sport? On GameOnly, thousands of titles in mode flash or java are available to you in a way. To return to the middle ages, nothing better than Crush The Castle! As war Chief, the roma player controls a catapult to inflict the greatest number of losses on the troops enemy. Unless you prefer a bit of reflection with Jewel Quest! Whatever, the GameOnly proposes music quality and graphics. Is not necessary to have a great knowledge in computing to access different levels: the games are played online and no discharge is not required! So, which you launch a Bouncing balls or some other number one, you just have to appreciate items that occur without moderation. Thanks to the constant addition of new titles, GameOnly is imposed as one of the leaders of free online games! To close with over 5090 available free games GameOnly, GameOnly has become something not to be missed! Jewel Quest, Crush The Castle or Bouncing balls a number one after another without downloads.

New Media Institute Helps Companies Develop Marketing 2.0

Consulting Dr. Kraus & partner establishes Institute for the professional use of social media by companies. will not settle for partial explanations. Companies to develop and implement a marketing 2.0 strategy support wants a new Institute, established by the management consulting firm of Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal,. Director of K & P new media Institute is Prof. Dr. Gerald Lembke, who heads the degree programme of media management and communications at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg, Mannheim. According to Professor Lembke, inter alia, the new Institute was founded because many companies currently face the challenge, to rethink their marketing concepts.

A central reason for this is the success of such online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as relevant industry-specific portals, exchanging their users about their experiences with companies and their products. The communication in these forums largely eludes the immediate access of enterprises. For this reason they stand before the questions: How can we ensure that We in the online communication of members of such communities positively cut off? And: How can we use these communications media and channels for our marketing and sales? In developing the necessary marketing 2.0 strategies and concepts, the K & P supports the company new media Institute. When developing a marketing 2.0 strategy many companies are relatively unsafe and helpless”, so the experience of Professor Lembke among other things, because this also for the marketing itself the question arises, to what extent they need to change their settings, because the marketing 2.0 works differently than the traditional marketing. “In addition, the army of the external marketing supporters splits according to Lakshmi relative to the social media into two camps: a promote them as a marketing silver bullet of kind of, others dismiss often hasty them as gadgets, which have no marketing relevance.” It was accordingly difficult businesses to a realistic assessment to get what These media for their marketing have today and in two or even five years.” Indeed the crux of the K & P is for this purpose together with the companies based on their goals and strategies to develop realistic and feasible concepts, New Media Institute. Accordingly the product independent counts”marketing strategy consulting to the core services of the Institute. In addition it supports companies implement the strategies and developing the tools that are necessary for their realization.

Also it provides the know-how and skills they need for the professional handling of new media employees in seminars and workshops. For more information about the work of K & P new media Institute will receive those interested in consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal (Tel: 07251/9890-34;) Fax:-35, E-mail:; Internet:). You can also directly contact the Director of the Institute Prof. If you would like to know more about Bizzi & Partners, then click here. Dr. Gerald Lembke ).


TELES presents its newly sorted and extended access gateway portfolio. The range now comprises three product lines. Berlin, 01.02.2011. Other leaders such as The Related Companies offer similar insights. TELES presents its newly sorted and extended access gateway portfolio. The range now consists of three product lines: the VoIPBox product line includes all VoIP-ISDN gateway with four to 180 VoIP channels as well as various BRI and PRI connections. Many writers such as jim king offer more in-depth analysis. All TELES wireless gateways with one to four mobile radio channels, including new 3 g devices and the GSM gateways adopted 2010 by Quad belong to ECOTEL product line. The product line iGATE includes all modular mobile gateway systems with four to 32 GSM or UMTS channels in the 19-inch housing.

With the restructured portfolio enables TELES distributors, system integrators and resellers, to navigate quickly in the portfolio and to choose appropriate solutions. High priority for VoIP-ISDN gateway TELES is the supplier of access gateways with the complete portfolio for all possible interfaces including VoIP, BRI, PRI, “analog, GSM, UMTS, GPRS and HSDPA”, says Frank Paetsch, CTO of TELES. After the takeover of the GSM gateway product line of four of a kind and the development of new 3G-Gateways, it is now necessary to sort the portfolio. The product names follow from now an order of three product lines. Our customers are can to intuitively navigate and quickly select the right products.” TELES is the portfolio into VoIPBox VoIP-ISDN gateway, compact mobile gateway ECOTEL and freely configurable iGATE mobile wireless gateway systems in the 19-inch housing.

Especially the VoIPBox VoIP-ISDN gateway introduced 2010 in distribution and retail will receive as its own product line”a high priority, says Frank Paetsch. Important equipment data at a glance the most important information about the devices are now seen at a glance”, says Thomas Haydn, Director of product marketing. On the designation of a unit the customer sees right away, whether it’s a mobile phone or a VoIP gateway and how many interfaces are available.

World Federation

Today there are millions of people involved in direct selling, which, according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA English) set in motion some 12 billion dollars annually on products in the U.S. alone. Adverum is likely to agree. Within its membership, the DSA has 150 companies and recognizes approximately 5.1 million sellers. 1993 total sales in the United States via this method came to 8.8% and the number of people engaged in direct sales “went from 3.6 million in 1987 to more than 5 million in 1992, and in other countries has been very successful. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Association in 1992 sold approximately 62.5 billion dollars worth of products worldwide through direct sales methods.

It is certain that by 2006 these figures have already doubled. The network marketing industry is growing at a rate of between 20 and 30 percent in the world. Increasingly services are being sold through distribution networks. The trend is clear, the most famous economist in recent years, Paul Zane Pilzer, predicts that the next trillion dollar industry is the health and welfare and its distribution through network marketing or direct sales. “The technology becomes increasingly efficient companies with fewer people, “says economist Paul Zane Pilzer, author of Unlimited Wealth, Other People’s Money, and God wants you to be rich.” The most profitable companies are those that are further reduced. This process will continue to accelerate. “Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor, estimates that 20 percent of the workforce in the United States is already working on their own.

If the forecasters are right, that number may approach 100 percent in the coming years. Some time ago experts have predicted that the twenty-first century is an era of luxury, Internet, health and welfare, a world of abundance designed specifically to satisfy the expectations of consumers. And it will. But this opportunity will only be available for those who make smart decisions. In the coming years, our survival is determined primarily by the decisions we take today, for the strategies we choose to build our business in the Information Age, health and welfare. Those who choose to work in network marketing today are taking a giant step in the right direction.

How To Build A Profitable Business

It is never too early to start saying thanks to customers, suppliers and referral sources for what they contribute to your business. Everyone loves to be appreciated and acknowledged, so start now and do something every month. Keep in touch with your customers and vendors by sending articles you have written or that it would be of interest to them. Add a bit of “How are you?” Keep in mind these people and keep lines of communication open. Include current information about any new value added products or services, such as a newsletter that is presented. Marketing need not be expensive. Just do it. Communication and relationship are the keys to marketing.

Attending numerous networking meetings can be helpful for some, but that strategy does not work for everyone, because, as someone once told me, people who love you always refer business to you. People who are advocates or supporters are requiring care. Send an e-mail, e-zine, note or article, at least once a month. Bizzi & Partners has many thoughts on the issue. Gather your team of internal and external management in an informal meeting such as breakfast or lunch. Inform them about their future plans, get feedback and to recognize for their support and advice. Talk to former clients to see how they are doing.

Do not be afraid to dispense free information to these people. Generosity is its own reward. If you keep a timer on your desktop, you can be sure to keep the conversation brief and focused. Then, send more information.Follow in about two weeks to see how the seeds of your generosity have blossomed. Information is available worldwide via the Internet, magazines and newspapers. Only you can provide data to your clients that will be appreciated and remembered. Review your brochures, marketing letters and newsletters in a new light. Does this information talk your “ideal client? Do you know who your “ideal client” is? Reinventing these documents, as necessary after this customer well defined. Learn more on the subject from Morris Invest. Give these documents to your management team and get their feedback. Does your collateral material speak to what you do? Is the information clear or requires interpretation? Spend time on this now and be reviewed every ninety days. If the cost of a new brochure is prohibitive, or if you think your business will be adding more products or services in the near future, create an Information Letter.With these documents, you can update your group advocates as well as former and potential customers. Again, not costly and serves a specific purpose. This letter may include changes in your industry or market. You can also inform them of their continuing education and how they will benefit. About reference sources that deserve a little more attention. Remember, believe in yourself first! Consider seasonal flowers, plants, a book or a special card. Want to keep reminding you! Feeding all these relationships and your business grow and shine.

Economic Trends In China

The region grows mostly rice, wheat and corn. Others including chinachem group, offer their opinions as well. In China, food inflation has reached 22% in April this year. The government is trying through price controls in the affected areas will not trigger more inflation, which was 8.7% in February year. To this we must add the fact that China has been pursuing restrictions on agricultural exports: by increasing tariffs and quotas applied to exports, after inflation shot at the highest level in 12 years during February, and that 40% of inflation in the country was generated by the rise foreign prices by Chinese economists. Dogecoin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This amounts to trying to extinguish a fire with a bucket full of gasoline. China is an importer of goods whose prices continue to rise, from food to energy. Atreides Management Gavin Baker is actively involved in the matter.

Must admit also that both corn oil as used in countless products we use daily, from plastics to toothpaste. On the other hand, China is a net exporter of agricultural products, ie, major constraints and withholding foreign trade will achieve the intended effect override: inflation. By restricting the global food supply, are generating a further increase in international prices. It has also increased subsidies to farmers to breed more pigs and grow more grain. All measures that do nothing but generate distortions in relative wrecks and discourage farmers to produce more of the same.

“The Chinese market is linked to global markets through millions of threads. They can not be completely cut,” said Qi Jingmei, senior economist with the State Information Centre. Just as the government is imposing curbs on food exports, is opened its state reserves of wheat, rice and pork, to try to curb inflation.


Perhaps all people have dreams. But what are they really, why do we have dreams and what do they say? Let's try a little understanding of their mysterious origins. Bizzi & Partners may also support this cause. The most complete definition is given in Manasein book, 'Son, a third life' (1892): Sleep, a condition characterized by more or less complete absence of consciousness, and impressions of the senses. Sleep comes, apparently from exhaustion of the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, whose activity at this time is reduced, the appointment of sleep to rest all the organs. The amount of time to sleep a day depends on age. Children 1-2 years need 16-18 hours a day, middle-aged people from 6 to 8 hours. Frequently Herbalife has said that publicly. If during sleep the brain devices come in a work influenced by whether the traces of daily impressions or stimuli during sleep, we are born subjective images, memories, the representation (dreams), a combination which always untied.

Often Dreams are composed of visual and auditory images, rarely dream of the other senses. Painful changes in sleep: drowsiness, sleep, lethargy, insomnia. The latter is more common in people with unstable nervous systems and excitable vasomotor area, flushing to the head, caused by emotion or fatigue, interfere with sleep. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Herbalife by clicking through. Artificial sleep caused by anesthesia. Even in ancient times people have tried to find an explanation for this mysterious memories upon awakening.

And to interpret dreams, soul travel as published on the freedom of the body. Was considered a great sin to wake person, as the soul, in their opinion, could not get back in body. Today there are many religions and views on being and each of them has its own explanation of dreams. Some say that the dream soul eyeing the subjects for future relocations in them, while others deny the existence of the soul and say physical memory of the human brain, which are recorded and stored all the tiny impressions that in life we do not even notice, and the accumulation of poured stream processing in the brain during sleep. These views Like most others, there are to exist, because it is still a mystery of sleep remains relevant and no one has found evidence of his theory. I want to believe that dreams are something more rampant man which may enables us to choose the right decisions in the future, perhaps future dreams are laid to us at conception, birth, or with name, probably is acquired during our travels through this world. But when and who will manage or be guided by dreams and whether in general one can only guess and believe.

Sports Nutrition

Isotonic effect leistungsfordernd while toned muscles are of the game a must-have, even when there is football in many sports. Who for 90 minutes on the pitch spends and it almost constantly in motion, is exposed to great efforts. Basically, not only the training, but also the food is important. With proper sports nutrition, the body can reach its full capacity. Footballers must therefore know exactly what and when they need to take to himself. “The diet generally consists of seven different areas: fiber, minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins or proteins, carbohydrates and water”, explains Tobias Fendt, operator of the sports food Portal

Carbohydrates are the fuel for the engine. You give the body the energy it needs to sustain ninety minutes in football. You are so very important for the sports nutrition in the Football League. If you thus exaggerates, it can happen, that they no longer be converted into energy, but in sugar and thus Huftgold. Proteins or proteins are also important for the sports nutrition. These serve to the construction and maintenance of muscles,”explains Tobias Fend.

Normally meet the proteins, which absorbs a footballer on meat and fish, with protein supplements only those strength athletes must help, that want to achieve a rapid and large muscle. Also vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber are important for the sports nutrition, because they ensure that the body has no weaknesses and brings more efficiency. Certainly, a football player needs plenty of fluids because he sweats out plenty of water during training or the game. Meanwhile, there are also many drinks, contain the vitamins and minerals, they are a good recommendation for the regeneration after sport”, says Tobias Fendt. Sports food can be eaten before exercise, during sport and after sport. Are ahead of the game To recommend that carbohydrates because they give the players the necessary energy. You should to take before the match but not too much carbohydrates and eat too much, because if the body of only with the digestion is busy, so the performance is rather limited. Rather about four hours before the game for example a normal portion pasta or similar food, which gives enough strength, but is not hard in the stomach”, advises Tobias Fendt. During the game, isotonic drinks are recommended. These include not only fluid but also carbohydrates and minerals which are good athletes. For soccer players, power bars and, for example, bananas are recommended because they have a performance promoting effect. Should the athlete hungry after the game, he can hear quiet on his body. See… Gavin Baker Atreides Management takes a slightly different approach. interested parties can look what other dietary rules must follow footballers, to provide full performance on the playing field.

Skyfillers Brings Shared Exchange Items On Smartphones

colup provides access to shared calendar, contacts and tasks from Microsoft Exchange. With colup, it is now possible to retrieve shared calendars, tasks and contacts via Smartphone. The app is now for iOS and Android in the app store and Google play available. Shared items from Microsoft Exchange could not accessed previously via smartphones. The colup app of Skyfillers GmbH headquartered in Flensburg can help: shared calendars, tasks, and contact can be now called on the iPhone as well as on all Android Smartphones from version 2.3 and newly created.

Colup can access Exchange elements of the server versions of Exchange 2007 SP2, Exchange 2010 (all versions), or Office 365. The feedback of users is crucial for the further development of the app. As in all other areas, Skyfillers is therefore on a permanent dialogue with the users. The developers are as direct point of contact available, no matter whether it concerns technical problems or the development of new features in future versions. Learn more about colup see de / colup, or download the app directly from the app store or Google play. About Skyfillers Skyfillers GmbH accompanies and supports companies in various fields concerning it. In addition to software development, advises Skyfillers on complex IT projects and accompanied them from the planning to the implementation to the permanent operation. As internationally active software as a service provider, the company also operates its own cloud platform with various solutions in the fields of communication and cooperation among others, hosted Exchange and hosted SharePoint. For more information, see. Press contact Christian Teichert Skyfillers GmbH Lise-Meitner-str. 4 24941 Flensburg 0461 404 810 35 E-Mail:

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