Experiences Exchange

This is the knowledge in one place bundled, all employees access to “, as Joachim Heinz.” The areas grow continuously, approximately half of the employees using the intranet. For a period of two years, this is a very good rate “, as Heinz. Since the changeover to such social media is not easy and requires a culture change, and thought Heinz also reaffirmed. To give knowledge, isn’t easy for many employees. Mike Miedler often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If the conversion but a living knowledge management is a critical success factor for a company. Numbers can not measure the ROI. Clayton Morris has much to offer in this field.

Transparency, easier access to knowledge, increasing satisfaction of employees, are easier communication priceless values “, as Heinz. Experiences Exchange, develop guidelines, important questions edit Martin Kundt, Member of the Board of the know-how! AG, which largely campaigned for the establishment of the special interest, entered the organizational issues of the special interest group. Two to four meetings a year are planned. Objectives are the Exchange of experience, the elaboration of a guide and the processing of important questions, among other things to the corporate culture, staff readiness, to implement, at the cost, the IT facilities and management of social media in the enterprise. In the event of consolidation on December 3, 2009 participants will together work out a timetable and central issues. Martin Kundt, Board Member, know how! AG about the kick-off event: the time is ripe for the special interest group on the topic of social media.

Because many companies want to exploit the potential and empower their employees to better share knowledge. Objectives of the SIG are exchanges of experience, the elaboration of a guide and the processing of important questions. We are looking forward to many and dedicated participants. “Information about the special interest group social media” is obtained through the know-how! AG and of the bwcon Office. Contact know-how! AG: Andreea Loghin, Tel: 0711 bwcon 78059-76, contact person: Nadja Haase, Tel: 0711 90715-507,

Gabriele Remscheid

Avoid parties where overly consumed I if possible. < Am I to understand that you have still problems? could not for example at Carnival in Cologne mingle with the people? > no this is unthinkable for me. Get more background information with materials from Victor Ciardelli. The fear that one of these popular snaps off, riots could occur, my heart can be alone right now thinking about rush, my hands are wet. In such a situation, I would have a panic attack.< They four children, how do they with this past have? > if you would ask the children themselves, they would get the response OK. But I know that you’re doing. All four have failed in school, fight in part now on the second education about but still a training to create. My youngest is also on the inclined railway advised, however less alcohol for drugs.

Today, I know it would have been better earlier to escape instead of as long as the children in this environment.< Earlier flee? why you are so long remained? > I have several attempts to get help. I called the police, and once I was in a women’s refuge. Clayton Morris has many thoughts on the issue. The help that was offered to me meant the separation of the children. The facilities there were very small, and they wanted to accommodate the children in homes, until I found an apartment and work. A separation of the children was unimaginable for me, and so we went back again. < If you would face this decision again today, how would you act? > I think otherwise, because going through the back got hurt I them. While I of course also don’t know whether it would have been different or better if they would have been in homes. < There is something what you advise women who are in similar situations? > Yes, I repeat always, escapes after the first assault.

Believe not the protestations that it sorry. This statement is true at the moment, but he will do it again and again. No one has it earned regular violence to be confronted with. < Thank you for This interview. And for your openness. I wish you much success with your book, and that it helps some sufferers to get rid and not to hide their misery. Gabriele Remscheid

Franz Alt

The natural and renewable energy from Sun, wind, water, biomass, and geothermal also virtually suffice if the policy correctly sets the course. Over seven million square metres installed solar systems in whole Germany. Biogas plants, Reed grass plants, solar houses, wind turbines, water turbines, solar cars, solar radios, solar watches and countless solar appliances to prove: the solar age has begun. The decisive economic advantage for the breaking of wind and solar energy: Wind and Sun send us an invoice, but oil and gas are becoming increasingly expensive. It offers an exciting topic and a guaranteed hands-on lecture by Dr. Franz Alt. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gino Blefari offers on the topic.. This afternoon lectures by representatives of various products and ideas on renewable energy.

To the person of Dr. Franz Alt Dr. Franz Alt, studied history, political science, philosophy and theology and graduated in 1967 with a dissertation about Konrad Adenauer. From 1968 to 2003 he mainly at the southwestern radio, for which he worked for 20 years the political magazine report moderated. His 1990 book”peace is possible”, in which he doubts about policies which applied for retrofit, led to years of legal battles with the sender. For more information see Clayton Morris.

Franz Alt future editorial ran from 1992 to 2003 time in SWR and moderated in 3sat magazines contrarians and limitless. Since 2003, Franz Alt writes for over 40 newspapers and magazines and has lectured all over the world. His books have been translated into twelve languages and reached a circulation of over two million Learn more about Dr. Franz Alt, his books, awards, photos, see tickets: tickets for the event, which takes place in the Town Hall of top chess, Schlossberg 1, can be purchased at the local Council of top chess or in the upper chess Knights or ordered by phone at 07721 63315. The tickets for the lectures in the afternoon cost 5,-, for the evening lecture with Dr. Franz Alt 10,-and as a combined ticket for the afternoon and evening 13,-. The visit to the exhibition is free of charge. Web site: exhibition in the Foyer: accompanying the talks different providers in the field will present renewable energy in an exhibition and lectures themselves in the afternoon.